Flip a coin

Flip Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Dingocoin to anyone in the world
Flip coins to friends, tip a waiter or pay a cup of coffee
Flip coins from your private wallet on your mobile phone

How it works

The only thing you need is the phone number to the person you want to send coins. It works anywhere in the world. The Flip app is non-custodial and generates a wallet with your own private key when you sign up.
  • You can fund wallets directly from the Flip app using a credit card.
  • Flip works with Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Dingocoin as fully decentralized proof-of-work coins with highest security
  • Flipping is free of charge, only blockchain transfer fees will apply
  • You can send coins to all phone numbers including users without the app installed. In these cases, the receiver will be notified via sms that you have sent them coins with a link to the app.
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Flip coins
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A proven concept

The Flip app was inspired by the Swedish and Norwegian instant money transfer apps called Swish and Vipps. These apps allow for free-of-charge, easy and instant transfer between phone numbers connected to a user’s bank accounts.

Since the launch in 2012 these apps changed the landscape of private-to-private money transfer and small payments in Norway and Sweden. The initial use case was a group of friends splitting the bill e.g., at a restaurant where one pays the restaurant and the rest swish or vipps the balance. Earlier, this either was settled with cash, or the restaurant split the payment into several credit card transactions. Soon, ideal organizations, flea markets etc. started using the new payment methods for products and services and in 2017 a proper business payments function was added. However, still 60-70% of all transactions are between private individuals. Swish and Vipps effectively created a new market of private-to-private small money transfer. The Flip app is addressing this same market on an international scale using crypto coins.


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