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Getting Started with The Flip App

This guide is designed to help you navigate The Flip App with ease, while also offering insights into the broader crypto space.

Published by Christian
Thursday 07 December 2023 14:42

Welcome to The Flip App community! If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step into the world of easy and secure crypto transactions by downloading our app. This guide is designed to help you navigate The Flip App with ease, while also offering insights into the broader crypto space.


Understanding the Basics: What Makes The Flip App Unique

The Flip App is more than a crypto wallet; it’s a tool designed for simplicity. Our goal is to make sending and receiving digital assets as easy as sending a text message. We’ve harnessed blockchain technology, combining it with user-friendly features, ensuring that anyone can confidently engage in crypto transactions.


Your Keys, Your Control: A Crucial Reminder

As you start using The Flip App, you’ll receive a unique 12-word phrase: your private key. This key is the lifeline to your funds. If you lose this key, there is no way to access your funds again – it’s as critical as that. This is different from traditional banking apps where you can recover an account. We urge you to securely back up your 12-word phrase as soon as you receive it.

Making Your First Flip

You’ve been gifted some Dingo coins to begin. To send them, enter the recipient’s phone number or choose the “address” option if you’re comfortable using blockchain addresses. This flexibility caters to both beginners and those familiar with blockchain transactions.

Adding Funds to Your Wallet

To add more cryptocurrencies to your wallet, you can use the “Buy” button on the home page. This connects you to a third-party service where you can purchase crypto using your credit card. You can also transfer funds from other wallets or exchanges directly to your Flip App wallet. Remember to use the right block chain address, meaning if you want to transfer DOGE, you must use the DOGE address. You will always find an overview over your blockchain addresses under settings.

Cashing Out Made Simple

Need to convert your crypto back to local currency, or “fiat” as it is often referred to in the crypto space ? The “Sell” button on the home page is your go-to option. It links you to a service that transfers the funds to your bank account. Alternatively, you can send your crypto to other wallets or exchanges by using their provided blockchain addresses.

Share the app and get rewards

The Flip App is more fun with friends! Share your unique referral link (found under settings and referrals) to invite friends to join The Flip App. For each successful sign-up, you’ll earn a bonus. It’s our way of thanking you for helping grow our community. You are free to send as many referrals as you like.

Further Learning and Support

Want to dive deeper into the crypto world? Check out our FAQ for more guides and how-to videos. Want to get in touch with us and the community join our Telegram Group and follow us on X.com.  We are committed to making your crypto journey smooth and rewarding.

Welcome aboard, and happy flipping!

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